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Is This China’s First Stealth Fighter?

They could be the products of a Chinese government misinformation campaign. They could be clever Photoshop jobs by Chinese aviation fanboys. Or, they could be the real thing: the first hard evidence of the long-rumored Chengdu J-20, China’s first st… Continue reading

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LA restaurant outs ‘cruel’ food critic

A food critic for the Los Angeles Times who remained anonymous for 16 years has had her cover blown by a Beverly Hills restaurant. Continue reading

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CELT: Next-generation low-latency audio codec from

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Kia bringing KV7 gullwing concept to Detroit

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Gullwing doors… they’re not just for SLS AMG owners or Back to the Future fans anymore. Kia is bringing its KV7 crossover concept to the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, and the ingress/egress on i… Continue reading

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Paul Rand’s Unused Ford Logo from 1966

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Shotgun lock and wall mount

Costco is selling this useful ShotLock Universal Solo Vault Safe for $130, including shipping.

Introducing the ShotLock Solo-Vault universal shotgun mounting system; designed as a shotgun mounting platform with the ability to integrate and secure the … Continue reading

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Meghan Gerety

Meghan Gerety makes beautiful, simple drawings of tree silhouettes on paper. But, there’s something exceptional about them. They’re done entirely IN PENCIL.I love artists who are all about the process. Discover more great design by following Design… Continue reading

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Microsoft may be porting Windows to ARM, but it makes no sense

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft will announce that it is porting Windows to run on ARM processors at CES next month. The target will be tablets and other battery-operated, low-power devices.

Microsoft has two operating sys… Continue reading

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How to make a blockbuster free: Ars explores Firefall

What do you do when you have a team that features some of the top creative minds behind games like World of Warcraft and Tribes? If you’re Red 5 Studios, you create Firefall. The upcoming sci-fi epic is a multiplayer, team-based … Continue reading

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Poco PRO – the credit card-sized 14-megapixel compact digital camera

With cameras pretty much standard equipment on mobile phones nowadays, a lot of people don’t bother with the extra hassle of carrying around a separate one, even if it means sacrificing picture quality for convenience. While we can’t comment on the… Continue reading

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